Amazon Web Services (AWS) AppSOC for AWS Security Hub Integration with AppSOC

AppSOC for AWS Security Hub

Deep integration with AWS security tools to monitor resources and cloud misconfigurations

AppSOC consolidates data from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Joint Solutions tool, along with many other sources, providing risk-based prioritization and remediation

Clear visibility through drill-down dashboards

Ingests data from Amazon Web Services (AWS) AppSOC for AWS Security Hub

Reduces noise and alert fatigue by 95%

Consolidates and deduplicates findings

Contextual risk-based prioritization

Normalizes scoring and correlates events

Automated remediation workflows

Prioritizes critical threats based on business context

Integrates with hundreds of security tools

Automates notification, ticketing, and remediation

See It In Action

The AppSOC platform ingests Joint Solutions data from Amazon Web Services (AWS) AppSOC for AWS Security Hub and aggregates it with security data from hundreds of other vendors. The solution automatically consolidates and deduplicates findings to reduce noise. Risk scoring is normalized across tools, and threats are correlated across attack surfaces.

AppSOC’s advanced contextual risk scoring prioritizes all results factoring in your business context. This includes, but goes far beyond traditional CVSS scoring, prioritizing the most critical vulnerabilities based on severity, exploitability, asset criticality, data classification, and network exposure. The results can eliminate more than 95% of noisy, redundant, and non-critical issues, so you can focus on what matters most.

AppSOC’s intuitive dashboard provides both executive summaries and technical views allowing you to drill-down and see the details or roll-up views across applications, business units or organizations.

Using data from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other third-party products, AppSOC also maps software dependencies across the entire application hierarchy including libraries, microservices, applications, and hosts.

For more information about our integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) AppSOC for AWS Security Hub please contact our product experts or schedule a live demo.

AppSOC significantly expands the capabilities of AWS Security Hub to manage security posture and reduce risk across AWS services, cloud applications, and third-party tools. The solution reduces complexity of managing application security and integrates seamlessly with Security Hub providing:

  • Clear visibility: easy-to-understand dashboards consolidate AWS security data with granular multi-axis filters to drill-down into critical issues
  • Noise reduction: reduces alert fatigue and noise from redundant and non-critical alerts by over 95%
  • Advanced prioritization: contextual risk-based scoring factors severity, exploitability, and impact specific to your environment
  • Mapping of AWS resources and supply chains: correlates security issues to AWS account names, IDs, regions, and IAM roles, as well as shared libraries, microservices, applications, and hosts.
  • Automated remediation workflows: direct integration with trackers like Jira and ServiceNow, and notification systems like Slack and PagerDuty
  • Managing risk – not just compliance: goes far beyond compliance check boxes to help manage your overall security posture and acceptable risk levels
  • Wide range of integrations: supporting hundreds of security tools including SAST, DAST, SCA, container, IaC, infrastructure security and more

Why AppSOC for AWS Security Hub?

AWS Security Hub is valuable for consolidating security information from popular Amazon tools including GuardDuty, Inspector, AWS Health, AWS Config, Firewall Manager, IAM Access Analyzer and Macie. While Security Hub consolidates cloud security findings it does not provide a complete set of capabilities to manage application security and vulnerabilities across the SDLC from end to end.

AppSOC’s ASPM platform completes the picture by integrating findings from hundreds of additional application and cloud security tools, helping to identify, correlate, and prioritize vulnerabilities and other security issues across the entire application stack.

Integration with hundreds of tools

AppSOC provides out-of-the-box integration with the widest range of SAST, DAST, SCA, IaC, container, cloud, infrastructure security tools and more. This greatly expands the reach of Security Hub, letting you easily connect data from code to cloud to infrastructure. 

Intuitive, flexible, and actionable visibility

Bringing all your security findings together in one place is important, but AppSOC also makes it easy and intuitive to view findings, get the bigger picture, drill down to pinpoint critical issues, or rollup data to understand the security performance of teams and business units. It’s also easy to filter your data along multiple axes including groups, types of findings, risk scores, life cycle stages, and more.

Reduced noise = increased efficiency

We are all bombarded with far too many security alerts, most of which are redundant, false positives, low priority or not relevant to your business. Through AppSOC’s advanced prioritization engine, you can slash the number of critical alerts to a manageable number. AppSOC goes far beyond the base CVSS scores that most tools rely upon, to factor in the severity, exploitability, potential impact, and relevance to your business. By reducing the noise by over 90%, your team can focus on what matters most, and respond quickly and efficiently.

Protecting your supply chains and application stack

Your applications are not monolithic. For any vulnerabilities or security issues, AppSOC provides a clear mapping of libraries, microservices, applications, hosts, business units, and more. This lets you understand the impact of supply chain vulnerabilities across your stack while giving you a more accurate view of impact and remediation steps. The platform also provides a unique view of the hierarchy of any application and consolidates repetitive issues that affect multiple software components.

See something… do something… automatically

Security detection and visibility is only useful if you do something about it. Far too many breaches are detected within organizations, but manual processes, inefficient communication, and inertia can delay response until it’s too late.

Automated remediation workflows, based on configurable policies can automatically create tickets in Jira, ServiceNow, or Azure, and timely notifications can be sent to stakeholders via Slack, email, PagerDuty, Teams, and more.

Because AppSOC dramatically reduces alert noise, it also produces fewer tickets, with more granular and actionable detail around root causes, and recommended remediation steps.

How AppSOC works with AWS

As an AWS partner, AppSOC provides out-of-the-box integration through AWS Security Hub, connecting you to the most popular Amazon security tools such as GuardDuty or Inspector. Security Hub aggregates findings in a standardized format that is ingested by the AppSOC platform, which consolidates, correlates, and prioritizes AWS alerts, along with data from other AppSOC integrations. Through our bidirectional integration, enriched data can be returned to Security Hub along with detailed remediation actions.

The AppSOC platform is cloud-based and deployed with separate secure instances for each customer. API-based connections with AWS are secured using industry best practices, monitoring, and logging.

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