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Risk-Based Application Security Posture Management

Orchestrate Security Tools, Eliminate Noise, Prioritize Remediation, Secure Software Supply Chain and Scale Your AppSec Program

Out-of-the-box integration for DevOps and App Security
AppSOC Platform

AppSOC Key Capabilities

Aggregate + Normalize

Coverage for a wide variety of security scanners - infrastructure, platforms, and applications.

Correlate with ML

Better Machine Learning-powered correlation takes multiple sources and feedback from the user into account.

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Enforce Unified Policy

Create a single policy to apply across all the scanners in the pipeline - any microservice or application.

Automate Triaging

Triaging and prioritization of vulnerability and security findings so developers can focus on most critical issues.

Enrich Software BOM

Enriched software bill of material with information from your SCA platform and multiple scanners.

Orchestrate Faster

Automated workflow, exception management and remediation across DevOps, AppSec and Compliance.


Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.


Large Multinational

“There is a serious lack of talent and depth in security. AppSOC’s correlation can be used to address the security risk better as well as to create awareness on security engineering best practices.”

VP of Product Security

Industrial Conglomerate

“DevOps risk visibility to the executives is crucial for managing overall security risk. AppSOC not only brings DevOps risk visibility to the leaders, but also helps Product Owners, Engineering and Security teams collaborate better.

Director of DevSecOps

SaaS-based CRM Company

Contextual vulnerability management is a serious issue in the area of application security. Currently all findings are analyzed at the silo of application or infrastructure layer, but not together. AppSOC is a force multiplier here.”

VP of Engineering

Leading Fintech Company

“Given the proliferation of AppSec tools, unification is the need of the hour to leverage existing investments, maximize efficiency, get an accurate measure of the risk posture, and reduce the risk. AppSOC is timely in addressing this issue.”

Find and track DevOps and Supply-Chain vulnerabilities

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Advanced tracking

With bidirectional issue tracking in real time you are always in control

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DevOps Accountability

With user, product and organization information you know who owns the fix

Executive Reports for faster time to value

With unified application and vulnerability correlation information reporting, business executives and product owners can accelerate the time to market.

Noise reduction
DevSecOps Efficiency
DevOps | AppSec | Compliance

One platform - Zero friction


With automated triaging, deduping and 95% noise reduction, you know exactly the vulnerabilities to focus on.

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App Security

With workflow automation, risk-based triaging and prioritization, you can now scale instead of manually chasing every issue.


With machine learning based correlation and application level risk scoring you have an exact understanding of impact of every vulnerability on your compliance.

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