AppSOC Partners with JFrog to Secure Software Supply Chains

Combines power of JFrog Xray with AppSOC ASPM

AppSOC Editorial Team

July 9, 2024

AppSOC Partners with JFrog to Secure Software Supply Chains

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With the accelerating pace of software development, supply chains have become a major vector for breaches, costing businesses close to $50 billion annually. JFrog and AppSOC have partnered to address these risks by integrating JFrog’s Xray product with the AppSOC platform. This partnership brings the most comprehensive DevSecOps solution to market by combining JFrog’s leading software supply chain solution with AppSOC’s risk-based ASPM and DevSecOps orchestration platform.

JFrog Xray provides deep continuous analysis of software components and dependencies, identifying vulnerabilities and licensing issues early in the development process. With this integration, AppSOC can manage software supply chain data from JFrog and correlate it with vulnerabilities and threat intelligence from a wide range of security tools. This joint solution provides customers with a unified view of security risks across their entire software supply chain. 

With this integration security teams can view Xray’s scan results within AppSOC’s dashboards, including open-source vulnerabilities, license compliance issues, and SBOMs. AppSOC prioritizes these scan results based on business risk factors, such as application criticality, exploitability, data sensitivity, and internet exposure, helping organizations pinpoint and rapidly remediate the most critical vulnerabilities. 

Both AppSOC and JFrog focus on addressing software vulnerabilities, a significant concern for enterprises on their digital transformation journeys. Shared goals include enhancing software supply chain security, reducing noise, increasing DevOps productivity, enabling rapid automated remediation, and fostering frictionless collaboration between developers and security teams.

This combined approach enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of vulnerability management. Security teams can leverage the detailed insights provided by JFrog Xray to understand the specific impact of vulnerabilities and take targeted action. The integration also supports better compliance reporting by consolidating security findings from multiple sources into a single platform. By automating the detection and management of security issues, the integration reduces the manual effort required, allowing teams to efficiently prioritize and quickly remediate critical vulnerabilities. Overall, the integration of JFrog Xray with AppSOC ASPM strengthens the organization's security posture and accelerates the remediation process, ensuring robust protection for applications throughout their lifecycle.

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